Mieke de Maeyer

The driving force behind Studiomie.

I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts, department of liberal and visual arts in Ghent in 1999.
For three years I motivated and enthused secondary art education students to find stories and events in art and in themselves. I eventually decided to leave the educational body, as it was too rigid for me, and make time to shape my own story.
Drive, amazement, ambition and creativity are the pillars in my outlook on life.  

The amazement and admiration for my two young children and Warre and Roos play a major role in my story. I consciously chose to not miss anything of their first years, while I created time for prospection, ideas and education in the field of design, styling, art and use of colour in society.
Every day I am inspired by what is happening around me. I keep a finger on the pulse. By keeping abreast of what is going on in the world of shapes, colours, aesthetics, light and materials I always remain one step ahead. My increased passion for the language of colour has developed into one of my specialities.

I bought a building in the centre of Ghent in 2006. It's an old smithy with character and lots of work. The ideal operating base for Studiomie.
Studiomie's possibilities are endless: drawing, devising, designing, imagining, intuition, amazement, welcoming, collaborating. My story is given further shape at Studiomie.