Light My Table by Studiomie for Vincent Sheppard

In 2014 I designed ' Light My Table ' a festive string of lights that is easy to clamp onto an existing table. 
'Light My Table' is recently been taken into production by Belgian label Vincent Sheppard. 
This is the beginning of a beautiful collaboration!

‘Light My Table’ instantly creates a friendly atmosphere.
The lighting fixture fits for all tables with a length between 120 cm
and 300 cm which are not thicker 6 cm.
Light My Table is suitable for indoor and outdoor use but not long-lasting rain resistant.



'Light My Table is a feelgood enhancer in the shape of a lamp, creating a mood that literally brings people closer together. The lamp is an invitation to enjoy a long wining and dining session. The design calls to mind the 'old-fashioned, cosy' atmosphere of luminous garlands experienced in a shopping street or during garden parties. The lamp is also a kind of 'mobile architecture': making a huge impact on the visual space above the table. The lamp reduces and lowers the space, while making it cosier.'


'You can only admire the lamp’s simple and hyper-functional design. It does not have a cool, rustic or minimalist appearance. Nor does it seek to exert any influence on the style of the table setting. The low-key table lamp blends in with any styles or moods. It is equally good at illuminating a minimalist brunch, a bohemian buffet or a decadent all-you-can-eat meal. The lamp is designed as a discrete mood creator. The appearance of even the worst-looking dining hall is immensely improved with these lamps above the tables.'


The flatpack 'Light My Table is provided in kit form. The kit comes with a Studiomie-style illustrated manual.

The self-assembly process is not very elaborate: pull the illumination cable through the carrying arms, select the cable length according to the length of the table, fix the fittings to the cable, attach the leather pieces and screw the lights in. The fixture comprises two steel table clamps attached to both sides of the table with a screw. A piece of leather between the clamp and the table top prevents any damage when tightening. I also chose leather because it is a tactile material representing reliability.'
Light My Table can be used indoors and outdoors.


Light My Table for tables from 120 cm up to 300 cm, 9 fittings, including 9 ledlights €380

Price is excluding transport

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