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Studiomie helps you find it

from the right choices when refreshing or renovating your home to an inspiring place

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Yes! Found my dream home! How do I make this an inspiring place?

You have found your dream home or

your house needs a thorough makeover.

It still lacks personality and character.

How can you divide the spaces into an exciting whole?

You want a connection between inside and outside.

You dream of a home that symbolizes warmth and cosiness.

Materials and colors, please!

But you cannot see the trees through the forest.

You want to relax there, but also get energy.

Pinterest makes your mouth water.

Books inspire but make your head spin.

They make your dreams come true but don't make you act.

Because you don't dare, you have doubts and uncertainty prevails.

No problem, you can do that yourself because you are handy!

Making choices in shape, color, material, division of spaces,

you can use advice on that!

You need someone you trust 100%.

Someone who listens to your wishes and knows how to convert them into the right experience .

Someone who helps you and learns the tricks of the trade.

Someone who will take away your doubts.

Mieke is the ideal interior expert!
She shares all her tips and know-how with passion and pleasure!



SPACE Your dream home consists of space divided into rooms, separate areas. Do you open the rooms or do you work with their defined lines? What are their positive and negative qualities?

COMMUNITY Who are the residents of the house? And how do you make sure that everyone feels good there? Maybe there is a shared garden with the neighbors or maybe you just need your own quiet island away from the hustle and bustle. What fine solutions there are to allow different characters to be themselves. How nice is it if your house is a home for your family and a warm, inviting home for family and friends?

NATURE Light floods in, casts shadows in space. A garden full of trees reflects green in the windows. A city race, perhaps on the gray side. Bird sounds or city sounds. Rippling water. Seasons that change and transform the rooms into different atmospheres. These are all elements that you quickly overlook, but are so decisive for the experience of your dream home.

Mieke helps you understand the importance of space, proportion and purity. How space can inspire you. By going deeper into what you have in your hands and understanding the qualities of the spaces, you come to unexpected discoveries. And perhaps a small intervention is enough to create added value.

Hospitality is a passion of Mieke. Giving guests a warm welcome in the One Room Hotel, organizing food events where atmosphere and experience inspire guests and creating homes where every resident feels at home.

By asking specific questions on the basis of a beautifully designed e-book, Mieke comes to a solution that suits every resident.

For example: What does a weekend day look like in your dream home? what do you do, what do you feel, what do you see? Repeat for a weekday workday. How does your dream home feel. What do you absolutely do not want and what do you want?

Mieke includes them all in the overview with tips and tricks. She looks at the house from the inside out and vice versa. Looks for links that can be made between inside and outside. Nature in your living environment is of crucial importance. It brings peace and atmosphere. This does not have to be a large garden. With the right plants, a bouquet of flowers, ... you can create an outdoor feeling indoors. With the right interventions, you can blend indoors and outdoors. All senses play a part in the correct experience of your home.

EYECATCHER Color can be applied to the walls. But can also be an accent in your furniture. An old cupboard suddenly becomes contemporary and stylish. The eye-catcher in the room!

There are endless possibilities to add color to your home. If you have furniture that needs a lick of paint, be sure to tell Mieke. Together you will look for a suitable place in the house and Mieke will teach you which color on the wall combines perfectly with the new color on your furniture. Moreover, Mieke is happy to give you practical painting tips. From which grit of sandpaper, to paint or oil, ...

Before you know it you have an attractive corner in the room, a real eye-catcher.

In this package, Mieke includes color in the advice. Be sure to check out the Colorful interior page for more information about color advice.

Material " Tactile materials have an extraordinary depth. Their textured surfaces create light and shadow, creating a soft, organic landscape for the eye to wander through." Marcio Kogan

The search for the right combination of materials, how do you get started.

Materials can come back in many possibilities. In building materials during major renovations. But also in furniture, accessories and objects. Proportion, purity and space are of great importance here. Mieke knows how to find the balance and has a very large knowledge of materials.

ATMOSPHERE Created by the tension between different spaces. By making use of shades of color and the play of warm light and shadow. The place you go in your house depends on your mood or the people you are with. Atmosphere is created by having an eye for the details, the right light in the right place, an object that tells something about its inhabitants. Your house tells a story. It reads like a diary.

Mieke helps you to see in the bigger picture the details that bring atmosphere to your home. There is room for very personal objects, drawings, art that tell a story.


This package consists of advice in terms of color and use of materials, light fixtures, furniture advice, sketchy divisions of the spaces. On the basis of a beautifully designed e-book that you fill in on the front edge, Mieke gets a good view of your wishes. From there she proceeds and prepares the advice at home. The advice at home takes 6 hours. You will then receive an overview with all tips and know-how sent digitally.


This does not include customization, 3D drawings, or a shop visit. If you would like this, choose the Customized package or book a few hours.

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