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Meeting, enjoying, discovering ...

Studiomie is situated in the centre of Ghent in the Sluizeken - Tolhuis - Ham neigborhood. A neighborhood in motion that has developed from a poor area after World War Two into one fo the city's most diverse and dense areas. A cultural borough with plenty of character, life and creativity. 


Mieke and her husband Ward converted one of the last industrial buildings in this area, an old smithy, into an industrial  home with room for living, working and meeting. 


This unique location can be rented for:

Photoshoots - small-scale parties - workshops - brainstorming sessions - film shoots. 

studioMIE living

Are you looking for an inspiring meeting room in Ghent? Then the Studiomie Living is for you. This atmospheric, homely and inspiring space is a unique location that you can rent for brainstorming sessions with a maximum of 10 people .


It opens onto the private garden . In summer the doors are open and you can enjoy this green city oasis. In peace and quiet you can think out of the box in De Living and give shape to all your ideas.


Need something sweet for your break?

We are happy to provide this with a piece of cake from Tartes Francoise .


For lunch you can stretch your legs and visit our neighbors Franz Gustav , Entr , Publiek

Prefer something tailor-made? We are happy to make a quotation.



10 people



1 room of 60m2 / city garden of 100m2 / covered front garden of 120m2 / Long table with benches, large chalkboard, beamer with screen in the sitting area, post-its, paper, pens, markers



WiFi, Ghent tap water with lemon slice, Nespresso coffee, tea


Cake - tailor-made lunch:

price on request.


Opening hours: 

Mon - Tues - Thu from 9am to 5pm



* € 347 for half a day (4 hours)

* € 50 per extra hour

* € 447 for the whole day (8 hours)


Allprices are exclusive VAT

(brainstorming sessions only)

Other purposes price on request.




The Front Garden lies hidden behind Studiomie's industrial façade. It's a combination between a cosy living room and an outdoor garden. It's a unique location that appeals to the imagination. Those looking for a place of wonderment are at the right address here. 

The Studiomie Front Garden can be rented for small-scale parties, events, wedding ceremonies, photoshoots, film shoots and workshops. Dance parties are not possible. 

Capacity: walking dinner 50 pers / sit down dinner 20 pers

Catering: we cooperate with Foodsie

Extra's: we can furnish the space according to your wishes

Price: by request

Opening hours: 9am to 11pm


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