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"Studiomie has succeeded in creating a unique kitchen, from concept to finish, which, given my space, has the most ideal and ergonomic solution. Mieke took my initial idea into account perfectly and also allowed for personal input regarding finish and choice. in appliances Of course, the entire picture must always be visually correct.

Given my larger renovation, there was space and time to make a very thoughtful design of the kitchen, determine the correct placement of the appliances, etc. Until all the pieces of the puzzle came together and production could start.

After which everything was perfectly tailored by the best craftsmen. (I am still impressed with) The installation was flawless with an eye for detail and the best finish.

Of course, a custom kitchen is always slightly more expensive than a standard kitchen. But that's what you do it for; to have a kitchen that no one else has and will have.

The entire process went smoothly and the entire procedure and agreements were met perfectly.

Actually nothing to criticize! And of course Studiomie is already recommended by friends and colleagues. "

Davy Dooms

"It was a great project, the renovation of the children's rooms.

Studiomie managed to strike the perfect chord with our children. They love to stay there.

In addition to cosiness, the rooms also offer a lot of future prospects.

We are already looking forward to the next collaboration for the evolution from the children's room to a cool teenage room ...


Studiomie knows how to create the right atmosphere like no other. Blissful! "

Katrien Vercruyse

"The collaboration with Mieke was very pleasant and went very smoothly.

She fulfilled our wishes very well, and we are very satisfied with price quality.

Thanks to Mieke's insight, we have twice as much space in our kitchen than before.

We would certainly appeal to Mieke again if we plan another renovation and we recommend her to everyone. "

Sibylle Debusseré

"I am very satisfied with the progress and result of our collaboration.

As an architect I use a different approach. But all the more Studiomie's way of working is a good counterbalance to the sometimes strict systematic approach that I or our office use.

Sometimes there were things that I wouldn't do immediately, but once done, all doubts are gone and it is clear where Mieke wanted to lead the project.

It is very nice to work with Studiomie. I am already looking forward to the next collaboration and am happy to recommend them to friends and customers. "

Jo Vinken

"Thank you for everything! It was more than worthwhile to work with you :-)

Despite the tight timing, everything was completed on time.
It has become an attractive, distinct and inspiring store with a playful color palette where the products come into their own. "

PLAY, Liesbeth

"I am really happy with the color advice! I have a very good feeling about it, and can't wait to start painting."

Nathalie Verhofstede

"We are still content every day when we open the door to our living room.

I am someone who knows what she wants :-) and has an eye for what is nice and beautiful, but I could not create the atmosphere in my own interior that I really had in mind. I like the Scandinavian style, I want it cozy, but it shouldn't get cluttered. I like a tidy house but it should not be cool. It was difficult to balance this. I remember saying that in our exploratory conversation.

After viewing atmospheric images, you quickly had an idea of what is and what is not. I thought it was crazy that you felt it so well and could complete the puzzle very quickly.

The furniture you chose was an instant hit, the rack remains the eye-catcher in our living room (now you see it popping up more often, but then nobody knew it and you already came up with it - this says a lot about your product knowledge, for on the trends).

That at home we had to find a compromise between our style or dreams (I sometimes see it bigger than my boy), you are also very understanding / searching / listening in that. You found the perfect match!

Our interior is completely in line with who we are! Completely satisfied!

On to the next dreams ...

Big thanks "




Mieke De Maeyer (45) is a mood maker, hostess and interior specialist. At the KASK in Ghent, she graduated with the greatest distinction in 1999 as a Master in visual arts. She has more than 20 years of experience in visual arts, art, interior, design and architecture. She started Studiomie 10 years ago. In addition, she was the first in the world to open a One Room Hotel in a finely decorated sea container. Design, culture, atmosphere and design breathe deeply in and out here.

She has provided more than 80 projects with the right colors, atmospheres and furnishings.

She knows better than anyone how to fathom the tastes of the customer.

The press knows where to find Studiomie, from local to international. Articles include. appeared in The Guardian , Knack, Standaard Magazine, Elle decoration, Condé Nast traveler, ...

Film crews from Denmark, Belgium and the UK included Studiomie in their TV programs on interior and lifestyle .

You can find Studiomie in architecture blogs, travel blogs and books, from Belgium to Tokyo and Australia.

Every day Mieke immerses herself in books, courses, culture and media to stay up to date and enrich herself with valuable knowledge that she can share with her customers. This ensures that she can offer a lot of value.

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