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Mieke De Maeyer is the force behind Studiomie.

With a master's degree in visual arts at the KASK in Ghent, ambition and creativity she conceptualized her Studiomie. Drive, wonder and an eye for detail and esthetics are some of the concepts that typify her work. Studiomie is a combination of several activities: 

styling, interior design, product design, hospitality and the One Room Hotel, wich makes spending the night in Ghent a truly unique experience. 

In 2006 she and her husband Ward Denys purchased one of the last industrial buildings in the Sluizeken - Tolhuis - Ham area in Ghent. A cultural neighborhood with plenty of character, life and creativity.

She converted an old smithy into an industrial-style home with room for their family, working and meeting. The ideal operating base for Studiomie and a wonderful place to live and receive people. An inspiring location where Mieke can develop all her ideas, projects and events in an oasis of calm in the centre of the bustling and stimulating Ghent. 

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Mieke De Maeyer

Bomastraat 20/22

9000 Ghent

tel +32 (0) 497 432 642

VAT BE0524990328


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