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Studiomie helps you find it

of the right color combinations

I want color in the house, but how the hell do I get that?

Your house needs a makeover.

Your home lacks personality.

You are tired of the colors.

The children's room could be a bit more cheerful.

White is only white.

You are ready for more color in your interior.

Pinterest makes your mouth water.

Books inspire but make your head spin.

They make your dreams come true but don't make you act.

Because you don't dare, you have doubts and uncertainty prevails.

You can paint that yourself, because you are handy.

You would like advice when choosing the colors.

You need someone you trust 100%.

Someone who listens to your wishes and knows how to convert them into the right color palette.

Someone who helps you and learns the tricks of the trade.

Someone who will take away your doubts.

Mieke is the ideal color expert!
She shares all her tips and know-how with passion and pleasure!



LIGHT Everything starts with the incidence of light. How does the light come in. Is the southern lights, northern lights, ... One provides warm light, the other cool light. Light casts shadows, brings playfulness and makes colors change, sparkle, deepen, blur, ...

Mieke comes during the day so that we can view the colors in daylight. The incidence of light is studied, where is the south, when does the sun shine in, how does the light fall in the different seasons, is the light filtered through curtains, ... Nothing escapes her.

TOOL Color is a great tool to quickly and easily change the atmosphere and experience of a room. You do not have to do major renovations and you can do it yourself. By applying color in the right way you can enlarge, reduce, bring peace and give energy to the room. It comes down to finding the right balance between different color tones and tonal values.

Mieke helps you put together a nicely balanced color palette that is perfectly matched to the spaces. Together we look at how we can enhance the sense of space. Mieke gives you tips and tricks that make a room bigger, smaller, warmer and cozier.

To start the painting work carefree, Mieke can give you practical information about the correct painting technique, how to mask it, what type of paint (matte, glossy, ...)

Do you want more service? Then Mieke will order the necessary liters of paint and painting material for you and you can pick it up at your nearest colora store. You also receive 1 hour of free color advice worth € 95 with a min purchase of € 300 in paint supplies.

PERSONAL LIKELY Color is personal. Your home is the personification of yourself. A house that is a home reads like a diary. So colors suit the home and its residents. There is nothing more fun for a visit than browsing a house that tells something about the host and hostess. Which colors give you energy, ensure that you find peace, make you dream away, make that one souvenir with a great story come into its own?

Mieke takes the time to understand your home. Searches for its identity. Before she brings out the color fans, she listens to your story. Who live there, what is the age, are there children, which objects tell a story or have a special meaning, are you a calm type or rather energetic, do you like to travel, do you collect art, ...

This is an important first step in putting together a color palette that suits you completely. What makes you feel good. Because color is emotion and personal!

EYECATCHER Color can be applied to the walls. But can also be an accent in your furniture. An old cupboard suddenly becomes contemporary and stylish. The eye-catcher in the room!

There are endless possibilities to add color to your home. If you have furniture that needs a lick of paint, be sure to tell Mieke. Together you will look for a suitable place in the house and Mieke will teach you which color on the wall combines perfectly with the new color on your furniture. Moreover, Mieke is happy to give you practical painting tips. From which grit of sandpaper, to paint or oil, ...

Before you know it you have an attractive corner in the room, a real eye-catcher.

FUNCTION When choosing colors for your home, it is important to think carefully about the function of the room. Colors affect us both physically and emotionally. In a bedroom you want to relax, so no fire brigade red on the walls here. Isn't red the color of passion? Doesn't this fit in the bedroom? Do you still want to go for passion in shades of red? Then look for a warm, deep, attractive red

Which rooms have which function. Who uses it. Are there rooms with a shared function?

In rooms where you have to concentrate, different color groups are used as in rooms where you only pass. Colors arouse feelings and emotion and Mieke knows better than anyone how to place the right colors with the feeling you have in mind.

COLOR SAMPLES How do you choose colors? How can you choose colors on a color fan with such small color boxes! There are endless types of color fans, each with a different color code.

Mieke uses large color fans where you can see and compare the colors well. The chosen colors have a universal color code that you can use at any paint shop.


This package consists of pure color advice. If you would like a house layout plan, material advice, furniture advice, lighting advice, choose the Restyling option.

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